About Us

The Society opened its first children's centre in Terra Nova in 1996. Since that date, the Society has opened the Cook Road and Bowling Green Road Children's Centres and more recently the West Cambie and Cranberry Children’s Centres.

A dedicated group of community and family members make up our board of directors and oversee the operation of the Society.

The Society hires well-qualified Early Childhood Professionals who are committed to providing programs for children that meet or exceed the standards of the Child Care Regulations and that:

  • Value children’s play
  • Are developmentally appropriate to the age of each child;
  • Are inclusive and free of cultural bias;
  • Are developed in consideration of families needs;
  • Challenge and encourage each child to meet his/her own potential in all areas of physical, social and emotional development.

Core Values

We believe children are naturally curious and competent individuals. They bring with them their own knowledge and are capable of leading their own learning.

Children learn best when they are valued, respected and offered meaningful experiences.

Relationships are the foundation of our work. We believe in trusting, respectful and meaningful connections with the children, families and educators.

We believe in communication that is open, respectful, honest and collaborative.

We believe that children have the right to a curriculum based on active involvement. They have a right to have long stretches of time where they can explore and express ideas, opinions and thoughts.

We all come from diverse backgrounds and together we are building a community based on acceptance. We value respect and accept uniqueness.

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