Parents learning about Play

It has been a busy week for SRCC Parents with 3 centres having their Fall Family Meetings.

Terra Nova invited parents to experience and understand the use of loose parts at the centre.  The children had left some impressive creations for their parents who, after considering them, made some changes and left the children with very exciting new creations to use.  Through this process parents experienced the work of collaborating, negotiating for and manipulating materials and exchanging ideas.   It was a rich and deep night of dialogue and new understandings and appreciation.  Each family brought some loose parts to add our inventory - thank you so much TNCC families! 

Cook Rd invited families in to share with them how the children have been experiencing a sense of belonging, learning about acceptance, and discovering diversity in their program.  Their intimate gathering enhanced a deep feeling of connectedness to the centre and to the work happening.  Honest and deep questions were asked and staff were able to foster a deeper understanding of the children they work with.  The parents collaborated with one another and painted beautiful art to share with the centre and the children - learning lessons of sharing space and materials as they did so (a parallel to what the children do everyday!)

Bowling Green Rd Toddlers invited families to explore magna tiles, blocks and recycled materials and the ways these are used by their children in the program. Of course toddler parents were very interested in how to manage toddlers and amazed at the work they do at the centre when at home they can be challenging.  Toddlers are such complex humans - equal parts competence and challenges!  

We are so appreciative of the parents who come out and engage with us in these evenings.  We want to share as much as we can with you about these important times the children are having at the centres.  We want to work in partnership with you and give you a window into the competence and creativity of your children.  

We have found these meetings to be rich and deep and connecting for Educators and Parents alike.  We'd love to hear from you about your experiences and other things you might like to meet about?

Thank you for partnering with us to "Change the world by honouring childhood"


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